Understanding the Physical and Psychological Impacts of Abandonment to a Child

For children to grow strong and healthy, they need the supervision of their parents or guardians. Unfortunately, not all kids get to enjoy the love and affection of such figures. Sometimes, things happen that leave these children all on their own, hurt and damaged.


Abandonment child syndrome is a type of psychological condition on children that stems from either an abusive household or loss (or absence) of one of both parents. When these events happen to children, something has to be done as soon as possible to minimize the intensity of pain and distress that come with them.


Abandonment can either be physical or psychological. In physical abandonment, one or both parents fail to give the necessary guidance their children need. They are not able to provide clothing, shelter, or housing to make their lives comfortable. They neglect to prepare nutritious meals to boost their children’s growth and development. They hit, punch, or cause physical pain to their kids and lead to mild to severe injuries. In psychological abandonment, one or both parents engage in verbal abuse that seriously messes up their kids’ perception of the world. They tend to be narcissistic, closed-minded, and troubled themselves, and they are blind to their children’s needs.


Children who have abandonment issues manifest various mental and physical symptoms. They start to prefer isolation, removing themselves from all sorts of social activities and gatherings. They show dislike of being invited to join groups and resist others’ affections. They believe that everything is their fault, that there is something wrong with them, and that is why they are in this situation. They develop eating disorders, which usually begin as a loss of appetite that may eventually result to starvation and malnutrition. They have trouble sleeping, and the few hours of sleep that they get are frequently riddled with nightmares. They also are very likely to end up as drug addicts and alcoholics as they find ways to cope with their grief, anger, and depression.


Children with abandonment problems can seek treatment, typically in the form of therapy. A professional therapist should be able to help the children address their issues in a non-destructive manner. There are many different ways to go about with therapy, and the best method to use depends on every child. There are mental examinations and exercises that can be performed to improve the kids’ cognitive state. There are also physical exercises, such as walking and running outdoors or on a Treadmill Trends reviewed treadmill machine (check out the site here: http://www.treadmilltrends.com/) to lessen the impact of depression and other mental disorders that the kids may have. If done at the soonest, it is not impossible to give the children another opportunity at life.