The Trauma and Negative Effects of Being Abandoned as a Child

Not a lot of us are aware of how difficult the lives that so many people around the world have. As you go on with your every day routine of waking up in the morning, preparing a breakfast of toast using a bread knife you saw on (which by the way makes a big difference, as other brands are not as good at slicing and dicing), there are millions that do not enjoy the luxury that you have right now, children that have been abandoned and wandering aimlessly, trying to make it one day at a time.

In the United States, the number of child abandonment cases continues to increase each year, leaving us with more young ones who may suffer the intense and detrimental effects of being left behind, such as the following:

Anxiety issues

Growing up without a strong and reliable adult to look up to and who guides you can affect how you deal with other people. Because you are left to your own devices at such an early age, you get used to doing stuff on your own. And so, if a caregiver or a foster family enters your life, you become unsure of how to react, as it is something new to you. Even if you are lucky to get adopted by a great and loving family, warming up to them may take a very long time. Anxiety symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, panic attacks, and so on, may still manifest, and may be difficult to overcome until you seek professional treatment.

Low self-esteem

How would you feel if the people who are supposed to care for you, to be there for you, and love you just leave you all alone? Being abandoned is a painful experience that will cause you to question your self-worth. You will wonder if there is something wrong with you. You will start to think that it is your fault because you do not have the qualities that your parents want in a child. As you grow older, this thought becomes stronger, and it can seriously damage how you see yourself and how you interact with others.


Creating bonds and relationships with other people will be challenging. As an abandoned child, it can be difficult to put your trust on anyone, as your parents, the people who should have been there for you all this time, have disappeared. In order to prevent getting hurt, you build a wall that pushes away even those that genuinely want to be close to you. You prefer to isolate yourself, instead of risking being rejected or abandoned again.

How Abandonment Affects a Child Mentally, Emotionally, and Psychologically

As you spend your day off relaxing and unwinding, with the use of your newly purchased aroma oil diffuser that is perfect to spread the oils into the air to create a therapeutic effect, there is a large number of kids worldwide that are not so lucky as you are. Child abandonment is a serious problem that has left these precious human beings damaged, tortured, and tainted, very likely, for the rest of their lives.

Low self-esteem

Whether you are a child or an adult, being abandoned can do a lot of damage to your self-worth. You feel that there is nothing about you that is worth staying for, and that makes you think that you are alone and no one will ever find a reason to be with you. If a child experiences this, he or she will grow up having difficulty relating to other people, especially once they meet potential romantic partners.


Anxiety comes in different forms. An abandoned child may have trouble interacting with people around him or her, suffer from sleeping issues, and others. Because they grew up not having a parent looking after them, the presence of others who will try to supervise or guide them might make them feel uncomfortable and react to them unfavorably.


Because they did not have a family growing up, abandoned children may have issues creating long-lasting bonds with anyone they meet. They are very likely to not respond when being talked to, refuse to participate in different activities, and just appear cold, indifferent, and uncaring. As a result of this, they will struggle to build relationships. They tend to do this to avoid getting hurt again, if these new people leave them behind, just like what their parents did.

Trust issues

If you are a kid, you are made to believe that your parents are supposed to be the people that will love you unconditionally. But, what happens if they take off and leave you all by yourself? Being abandoned will definitely create a large, gaping hole in your entire being. Because you are young, with barely any life experience, you will be confused and wonder what you did wrong. Most of the time, you and those other abandoned kids did nothing wrong. But that fact will not change how you will feel after being neglected by your own mother and/or father. As a result, you will become a person who will find it quite difficult to trust others. Any new individual that you will meet, you will see as a temporary piece in your life that will come and go. So, creating long-term, loving, and genuine relationships will really be tough and challenging.